SSAM Station Lunch Outing

SSAM Station Cafe is Korean Cafe that located at Wawasan Plaza, Kota Kinabalu.
Yes, they serve a nice Korean dish such as Kimchi Fried Rice, Bi-bim-bap, Rya Mun Noddles & Beef / Chicken Do Si Rak which is the popular order on that day...actualy I really don't know the taste cuz' I only drinking coffee while enjoying the korean music....
Anyway, sadly the shop is closing soon, heard that the boss wanted to open a music academy or something....this is the reason why we all go for this lunch outing at the first place.
Ok more picture please?
The place is crowded with CSPians, FULL HOUSE boss...
O Ya....Mr. Shiver is so nice, he wanted to save the environment by taking all seaweed plactic....but I think all he wanted was the seaweed...not sure...hmmm~
more candid pics....
Am I stalking Flan....?? haha XD
Ms. Dizzy & Mr. Namor
Mr. Ali G.....he manage to drink 5 - 6 bowl of soup...marvelous~
I order second cup of coffee.....
Mr. Dori was there too.....he also wanted to save the environment.
Mr. Jack & Ms. Joanna GG~
Althou~ it's sad to leave....but I have to go haha....yeah right!!!
I end this blog with a sad korean song from Winter Sonata, enjoy.

Japan Boat Takoyaki is is is Terbakar??!!

La la la...I was on my way to KKBOX karaoke...Tiba tiba!.....the siren bunyi ni! OMG!! All become blur after I heard the siren....all shop near by closed...some already lari sampai pigi laut~....
Japan Boat Takoyaki is is is Terbakar??!!
uhuk uhuk dust is everywhere! sakit hidung!
even the security guard use handkerchief as mask to cover their mouth and nose...
Oh...lucky nothing serious happen! It's becoz' the fuse....
Thank one is injured....only sakit hidung~
But if the management take slow action...maybe terbakar lor~
Top view...
Last last cleaner juga harapan kasi bersih.....
I sempat beli 4 boxes yesterday -_-"
Anyway "2 Thumbs Up" for Wisma Merdeka Management! Good Job!

Giant Cat!

10:52 AM Posted by Clay Kraze 4 comments
I found this cat at Segama (shop facing KK Plaza)
It's Huge I tell you @_@!!
Look at the cat hand....bigger than my thumb! Basarnyaaa @_@

KK Sunset

10:43 AM Posted by Clay Kraze 2 comments
Sunset here in KK is so beautiful~
I MUST take photo!
GG! I love sunset....