ArtJam Session

The theme is "What I should cosplayed in HOBBYCON 2009"
I expect that its just going to be the 4 of us....Manatau~ banyak datang!! XD Yeah~
Nichocolate, Rob, Irtea, Pokebeach, Dasaru, Cubex, Maslight & not forgeting Mr. Shiver!!!! WOW!
Mr. Rob with his usual pose~ Grrrrrr~ Kuma Attack! LOL
Irtea & Cubes~ Chewahh~
Mr. Shiver Hip Hop style cap! XD sempat juga Mas ketawa!!
A shot the Christmas Tree there, ya la Christmas is coming soon!
Peace~ Finally Rob give a nice pose~
Drawing Drawing~
Nichocolate singing Christmas song??
What I draw~ XD
I would like to say thank you for coming & support Artjam

Japan Boat Takoyaki

Yup~ guess what! JAPAN BOAT TAKOYAKI is here in K.K XD~
Wisma Merdeka, Ground Floor
Live view how they make it!
LOL~ Shadow pun there!! GG
Only RM 2.80 per 3 pcs (served no pork bah~)
Wow, got Wasabi! and other extra flavour~
After long Q' dapat juga aku makan~ nyummy~

HobbyCon 2008

HobbyCon 2008 - Organized by
was held on 6 & 7 December 2008 (Sat & Sun)
Memang Super Duper BEST!!!! so much to write n so much to tell, let me start with the booth that available on that day~

CarcaSean (Boardgames)

Magic The Gathering (Mindslavers)

IT Station

Information Booth & Live Blogging

Maid Cafe & DIY

Gundam (JH Printing)

Ps2 & PsP (Gamer Concept)

1/6 Figurines (Hangmen & nerdpride)

Comic Section

GG abis!